Waze has been on the roll for being the top navigation app and now they have added yet another update to the app that is a really useful feature which can help users who are facing car issues.

The feature is added under the Send a Report section where there is a new option to add a Roadside Help pin on the map to indicate that you need help with a certain issue with your car. Waze has always emphasised that it is a social navigation app by allowing users to indicate hazards on the roads or even road blocks and now this feature will further extend the functionality of what they are targeting to be. However, this might sound like a good feature but we urge you to still be careful as you might be taken advantage of by people with not so good intentions, so please be careful with this feature if you have to use it.

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Current, it would seem that that feature has not come to our Waze app but they did mention that they are rolling it out to more users but it will be a server-side roll out. We should be seeing the new feature very soon.