Razer has a new wireless and compact mouse that is said to have 350 hours of battery life. Previously, the compact mouse that you could get from Razer is the Orochi mouse that has 60 hours of battery life and is supported by the Chroma system.

The new Razer Atheris will introduce a new level of battery life and signal stability. The 350 hours of battery life can be achieved by just using two AA batteries and uses Adaptive Frequency Technology that was in the Lancehead to get the best possible connection to your computer. The AFT dongle is stored in the battery compartment of the mouse but it can still connect to your computer through Bluetooth if need be. The Atheris uses 7,200 optical sensors, has rubberized ridged sides and is only 4-inches long and 3-inches wide, making it small and easy to transport. It also has an ambidextrous design making it easy to use if you are left or right handed.

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The mouse is also decently priced at $49.99 (RM214.82) probably because they have ditched the Chroma tech that seems to be in all Razer devices. We will inform you guys when the mouse reaches our shores.