When we call our Internet Service Providers (ISP) about our slow internet connection, the first thing that they tell you is “sir/madam can you please perform a speed test for us” and the first place we will head to is speedtest.net. Well, all that testing that we have done is valuable data collected by the company and now, they have open up a new section on their website to compare speed reports from countries around the world. The test is called Speedtest Global Index and it will be compiled into a monthly report.

Speedtest indexes average country Internet speeds on a monthly basis 1The test not only keeps track of broadband speeds but also mobile internet connection speed but it is still counted as an average of the country and not the individual service provider. Spoiler alert, we are in the 63rd position falling one position from last month. Currently, Singapore is still in the lead with the fastest broadband speed of 154.38Mbps and in second place is South Korea with speeds of 125.69Mbps. On the mobile speeds, Norway is currently in the lead with an average download speed of 52.59Mbps and second is Netherlands with speeds of 46.94Mbps. Clicking on the country will give you more detailed information such as the average download and upload speeds on a graph showing the rise and dips in speeds on a monthly basis.

Speedtest indexes average country Internet speeds on a monthly basis 2Let’s hope that our ISP and telco providers are watching this because let’s face it, if our closest neighbour could reach first place ranking and maintain their position, it should not be a problem for us to at least be in the top 50 by this year.