The highly praised HTC U11 phone is getting better via a software update that is said to bring Bluetooth 5.0 support and 1080p 60fps video recording. Apart from that, the new update will also bring a security patch and some improvements to make the phone even more stable.

The Bluetooth 5.0 update will allow the phone to have a longer range of connectivity, higher bandwidth transmission and lower power usage based on a report by PhoneArena. On the video recording, you will be able to use the already great camera to record FHD videos in buttery smooth 60fps to give your videos more life like feel. This update comes right after HTC introduced Amazon Alexa Assistant to the phone, further enhancing the features provided on the phone, however that feature is still locked to US users. There have been plans to add more gestures to the squeeze function however, that will come in a later update.

HTC U11 gets Bluetooth 5.0 and 1080p 60FPS video recording in new software update 1The update will be rolling out to other countries soon with some users from Taiwan already getting the update on their phones. If you own the U11, keep an eye out for new updates on your phone for the next couple of days.