We all have entered the technological age and with more of us joining this new age, the demand for smarter tools and appliances have gone up. Fujiaire understands that and has released an air conditioner that can be controlled using your smartphone. Partnering with 11street, they have launched the Fujiaire  Shibui Skin Series, the first WiFI enabled air con with six wallpaper sticker designs exclusively on 11street. Together with the AC Freedom Control app, the company has brought an age old appliance to the 21st Century.

Chujin Yoon, Chief Operating Officer has mentioned that e-commerce has become a tool that has integrated its self into our daily lives, and people that have used the buying platform that mentioned that it is capable of saving time and brings greater convenience to everyone that has tried it. Tan Poh Ai, Chief Executive Officer of Fujiaire added that 65% of baby boomers will be willing to pay an additional 20% to fit their homes with smart appliance and Millennials are easily intrigued with new technology, especially if it can bring convenience with just a tap of the finger.

The Fujiaire Shibui Designer Collection features six different wallpaper skins, KIDS, MARB, PLAY, SKYX, STON, and UNIQ. Each print will be sold separately to set the mood or fit the environment of the room the air conditioner is placed in. A nicely designed LED display will give you information on temperature and connection status and there is a Vitamin C filter helps keep the room moist and a super-ioniser cleaning system helps to remove dust and germs.

For those of you that want higher cooling capacity and save energy at the same time, Fujiaire is also offering the Diamond Shibui Series with a five-star energy rating that can give savings up to 50% each month based on an eight-hour usage per day.

The Fujiaire Shibui Skin Series will retail between RM1,170 and RM2,574 and the Shibui Diamon Series will retail between RM1,350 and RM2,925, all Fujiaire air conditioners purchased from 11street will come with three years warranty. For more information on these products, visit the 11street store page here.