On August 21, Intel will be unveiling their 8th Generation Intel Core processor family on Facebook Live. The event will be focusing on showing what the new generation processors will have to offer and it will be just in time for the Great American Solar Eclipse. The event also features talks from those who have worked on bringing these new and improved processors to the market.

Some of the things that will be highlighted will be the speeds that these processors will be able to produce and what it can help you do. They will be showing off how the immersive experiences that will allow spectators to participate in the new processors’ capabilities. VR capabilities will also be shown off by a VR creator and imaging technologist and amazing system designs that will be equipped with the new 8th Gen processors. Finally, they will be showing off systems that will be equipped with the processor before that can be purchased by the end-of-the-year holiday season, but that will probably be restricted to US citizens.

Don’t forget to save the date, 21 August 11 PM Malaysian time. You can view the Live broadcast on either Intel’s Facebook page or Intel Newsroom. I am quite interested in what is Intel’s answer to the Ryzen processors, see you on the live stream!