There is a new ride-hailing company called PICKnGO which focuses mainly on taxi drivers. This company was designed to provide passengers with a safe, reliable, convenient and consistent taxi ride while using metered rates that can be cost saving against surge pricing charges offered by other ride-hailing companies. Valerie Chan, the Executive Director of Pick N Go Sdn Bhd said that the app is to help taxi drivers keep up with technology and to change the way they conduct their business.

PICKnGO is a ride-hailing app that is targeted at taxi drivers 1She also added that the app is not only focused on helping taxi drivers but it also takes into account passenger’s concern with the issues of ride-hailing apps that have been popping up recently. In order to address this concerns, they have incorporated an SOS button into the app to give passengers a greater peace of mind and taxi drivers have to go through training to improve their skills when dealing with passengers.

PICKnGO is a ride-hailing app that is targeted at taxi drivers 2With Grab and Uber dominating the ride-hailing market in Malaysia, this app could also help out the taxi drivers that have been affected by this companies and PICKnGO looks like its the best option for taxi drivers. Some of you might think that riding in a taxi is bad as there have been more negative cases in taxis than Grab and Uber cars, but some of these taxi drivers are earning an honest living and they should not be put in the same basket as all the other rotten fruit. The app can be downloaded now for both Android and iOS on their respective app stores for free.