When people ask me which controller I preferred, my answer was always the same, I love the feel of the Xbox controller but I want the button positions of the Dualshock 4 controller. When I found out about the All Controller, a Kickstarter¬†project that is a controller which connects to consoles, PC and even mobile devices, I thought to my self, “this could be it”.

To give you an understanding of what the controller looks like, it looks like the offspring of an Xbox Controller and a Dualshock 4, slapping a screen where the touchpad of the DS4 is. As you can see from the video below, it has a very Xbox-ish feel to the design of the controller and button placement mimics the DS4 pretty closely. They mentioned that it can give you 40 hours of continuous playing, paddles at the back of the controller and can even mimic a mouse and keyboard. The controller can even play games that were not built for controller support which applies to even mobile games. However, you do need a dongle if you want to use this controller with your console.

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The All Controller has hit its pledge goal but you can still fund the project for 55 CAD (RM186.02) which will get you one wired All Controller. However, you would still need to wait awhile longer as the controller does not ship until May 2018.