You could possibly be a social and technology outcast if you do not have WhatsApp on your smartphone. It sounds mandatory although it isn’t, but most of you who are reading this are regular users of the world’s most popular messaging up right now. WhatsApp has previously shared that it has 1 billion monthly active users. Now the app boasts 1 billion daily active users.

For the record, WhatsApp now has 1.3 billion monthly active users, which is definitely a crazy feat in this day and age. In conjunction with this milestone, the company has also unveiled a couple more interesting numbers to get us excited.

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The 55 billion messages sent per day would average in more than 2 billion texts per hour. Other figures include 4.5 billion photos shared per day and 1 billion videos shared per day. These big numbers may sound like impossible feats, but are actually unsurprising considering that this app accounted for more than 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone.

This announcement by WhatsApp comes not too long after its users in China experienced blocks in sending images, videos and even texts for some cases, hinting at a potential banning of the app in the country.