A new app has arrived on Android Auto and it’s an app that a lot of Malaysians use when they are travelling (or checking for road blocks after a night at TREC ). If you guessed Waze you are right because now you can choose Waze over the default Google Maps to be your navigating companion.

Waze on Android Auto has slightly trimmed down version of the mobile app but still retains features that we all use like selecting roads without tolls and giving you alternative routes in case of a traffic jam. The user interface has also been slightly changed but that is probably to make it easier to read or take a glance when you are driving. Users can still report about obstructions on the road like police presence, road hazard, traffic, accidents and more. Before using it in your car, you will still need to setup some stuff on your phone like home address and office address before plugging it into your car.

Waze is now available on Android Auto 2If you own a car that supports Android Auto and are looking for a navigation app other than Google Maps, then you will be happy to know you can download the Waze app right now and start using it for your next trip into the unknown.

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