Atari was known as the pioneer of classic gaming, releasing consoles and games that manage to capture a broad range of audience. Now, they have decided to enter the wearables market with the release the first product in the Atari Connected Life line called the Speakerhat.

If you guess it’s a hat with speakers, you guess correctly but it also comes with a microphone, the hat, which is actually a cap, will connect to your device via Bluetooth and you can pick up calls and play music which will come out of the speakers that are built into the bill of the cap. To top it off, Atari also mentions that the cap will have a Multiplayer Mode which will allow multiple owners of the cap to listen to the same music together.

speakerhat 2Personally, I prefer to keep my music in my ears and not let people around me listen to it. It is also slightly disappointing that Atari had to go down this road when this has nothing to do with gaming and has gimmick written all over it. I liked them better when they were producing great consoles and games.


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