There have been so many rumours going around on the final product of the iPhone 8, and one of the biggest topics is if the phone is going to have a fingerprint scanner or not, and if it does, where is the location of the scanner. Now, another report has surfaced that stats, the fingerprint scanner will be located at the power button of the phone.

this decision was probably made because they want to retain the full-screen display that they hope to bring to the phone and because they are still having issues getting the fingerprint sensor under the screen. Based on the previous rendering of the device, we could see that the power button was made longer. Initially, it was assumed that it would be easier to press the power button but Apple could have chosen that design as a fall back if they are not able to achieve the under-screen fingerprint scanner.

Image Source: Forbes

In a separate report, it would appear that the new iPhone 8 will be manufactured by Foxconn but the iPhone 7s will be manufactured by Pegatron. This is to meet the demands of consumers that are really looking to buy the phone and yet another report claims that the phone will be delayed to November.