Looks like everyone wants in the instant messaging market and Amazon is not going to be left behind. According to a report from AFTV News, the retail giant has begun to survey its customers on potential features they would like to see in the app which they are calling Anytime.

The app looks to be an all-in-one feature rich service that could even rival social networks with a focus on messaging, voice and video calls and photo sharing where users will be able to apple pictures and videos, tag users, use stickers and GIFs, and play games. It even goes a step further by allowing users to contact businesses to order products or make reservations. According to images from the survey, the service will be secured and encrypted and will work on desktop and mobile phones. Some of these features are not new to Amazon, as they announced Chime, a video conferencing app for business users to rival the likes of Skype for Business or WebEx, earlier this year. They have also implemented voice calling and messaging features to Alexa devices.

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Image Source: AFTV News

What do you think about Amazon’s attempt into the instant messaging market, could this be a mediocre¬†attempt to enter the market? After all, they already have experience in most of the features offered, or could this be the new Whatsapp we will all switch to.