When the Nintendo Switch first released, there was nothing much that could be done on it other than playing games. Nintendo also promised that video streaming apps like Netflix will come to the system. Months have passed since the release of the console and we have still seen nothing, until now. Japan will be getting the first of this kind of service in the form of Niconico.

It is a streaming site that is similar to YouTube but with a twist, comments that are posted by users will appear over the video or livestream and Japanese gaming companies often use this service for announcement and events. Niconico is also the first video app for the PlayStation Vita when it first released.

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This is interesting for two reasons, the first being that there is finally signs that Nintendo is bringing video streaming services to the Switch and I hope to see Twitch on it soon. The second, Nintendo allowed a company that is not affiliated with them to publish an app on their eShop, which opens up possibilities for more 3rd-party apps to come to eShop.