Michelin Malaysia has launched its ‘Tyres Are Not Bananas’ educational campaign to focus on tyre quality and care instead of preoccupation with the date of manufacture as research has proven that performance is not solely based on the age of a tyre. By using bananas and their limited shelf life and freshness as an example, Michelin aims to educate motorists that countdown on the life of a tyre begins¬†with the date of fitment and dedication to regular tyre care.

Participants will be presented with bananas, a content card and Michelin premiums, the competition will run on Facebook and will entail a five-step process that requires participants to post their most creative photograph of them posing with bananas. The 100 most creative photos will receive prizes ranging from movie tickets, Michelin travel bags, and petrol cards, while three Grand Prize winners will each take home a set of Michelin tyres.

The Tyres Are Not Bananas promotional campaign will run from July 12 to August 4, two teams of promoters visiting high traffic areas in the Klang Valley to create awareness among motorists and inviting them to join in the photo competition.


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  • Conny

    Zzz..this campaign end ald…
    i dunno how to take care my tyre, just use for 4 years and i felt that the tread was wore out ald…
    now hv to waste money to buy new one…
    Continental or Michelin is better?

    • Jayden

      maybe you had driven a long journey ald then it wore out faster..
      both are considered good because i hv use this both brand so i know..

      • cheemin

        the tread of tyre will wore out faster if we often drive..
        i knew that my friend change his tyre in 3 or 4 years coz he often drive..luckily i not need to change the tyre so often

      • Conny

        that’s why, i’m a salesman so often drive from here to there..i think i will try brand Continental first then i try brand Michelin later..
        which model is most silent when driving?

        • Jayden

          Why you choose Conti first?
          i gt use its model cc5, it’s silent compare to other model ..now i know the model is upgrade to cc6 ald..of course the performance is better..

    • erissa emir

      aiyoooo 4 years???! u should change la ur tyre so dangerous to ur life when u driving an old tyre… u ca’t drive the tyres that over 2-3 years coz the rubber is already keras and cannot grip anymore….. i’m use continental for 9 years and i just change my tyres once for 2 years…. its really suitable with all types of cars… from hybrid to mpv.. u should survey it first…

      • Audil

        agreed with u! conny u have to do a survey which one is suitable with ur car.. but between michelin and continental, i will suggest u to go for continental coz the price is affordable, the quality also good and suitable with all season in Malaysia.. i’m using uc6 and its really easy to control the most important is smoothness when u drive..

        • erissa emir

          u’re right bro!!! continental got their own smoothness that other brand doesn’t have it…. no regret using continental! i’m using CC6 model even its a cheaper than other model, but the grip and the quality is almost like the expensive model….

      • Windfall

        why you said tyre can’t use over 2-3 years but you use the tyre for 9 years??
        i think we should take care of our tyre then we not need to change the tyre in the short term..like my sis, she lazy to take care of the tyre such as she do not ensure her tyre are in correct tyre pressure, so last time she change her tyre after using it for 6 years.

        • erissa emir

          dont get me wrong babe…… 9 years i’m using continental brand not a tyre lol.. u cant use the tyre for that long its not good for ur life mann….. one of my friends said that car tyre can’t use more than 3 years coz u will lost control when u’re driving to somewhere…. that’s why i’m reccomend people to use continental their brand made from german technology…. its really give u a high satisfaction….. trust me… so, tell to ur sister about it! hahahaha

  • Jin L

    Taking care of tyres is really important as we care for ours and others,and thank you Michelin for creating the awareness for motorists