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If you have the first generation of the Apple Watch, then you probably heard about the battery that swells up displacing the screen. Because of that, Apple quietly extended the warranty of the watch by a year. Now they are extending it again as reports are flooding in about the back cover that keeps separating from the device.

Owners of the watch that have this problem will have a total coverage of three years from the date of purchase, so if you watch shows signs of these problems, you can visit the authorised Apple store and get your watch fixed or call Apple Support for more information and solutions. There are reports that some people are still required to pay for the repair even if they are within the coverage period, Apple has already circulated the memo internally on this and if they still refuse to acknowledge the warranty extension, escalate this problem to the management as they would probably know about this new warranty extension.

Apple extends warranty of first-gen Watch to three years 1It is good to know Apple is owning up to their mistakes when it comes to faulty builds, though it is still questionable as to why they have not released this statement to the public. If you own a first-gen Apple watch do check your date of purchase and see if you are still covered.

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