NVIDIA users, we have some good news for you. 1000 GeForce Experience users will be receiving a copy of For Honor in the latest GeForce Experience rewards. Winners will be notified through the client on July 18 US timing (roughly Friday for Malaysians), to take part, download and login to the client, opt-in to communications from NVIDIA at the Accounts tab in the settings menu.

For Honor is a game that puts you in the shoes of Warriors from three fractions, Knights of the Iron Legion, Samurai of the Dawn Empire and Vikings of the Warborn Clans in a deadly fight to the death with intense and complex melee battles. The game also supports NVIDIA Ansel, which allows you to move the camera to any angle, apply filters, user super resolution capture and even capture in 360 for VR viewing. When running on NVIDIA hardware, the game will support HBAO+, 4K support, G-Sync, GeForce Experience, and NVIDIA Surround.

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NVIDIA has been rewarding users since July 2016 by giving away items like MSI VR-Ready Notebooks to GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards and games such as Overwatch, Gears of War 4 Watch Dogs 2 and more. For more information on this offerings, visit GeForce Experience Rewards website, and for NVIDIA Ansel click here.