The long rumored Galaxy Note FE finally launched in South Korean market just recently. “FE”, which stands for Fan Edition, is basically a refurbished unit of the Galaxy Note 7 from last year. The ill fated phablet headed for the axe after multiple fire incidents and hazards which sparked a global recall and eventual discontinuation. A report by The Investor states that there is a possibility whereby the Galaxy Note FE will head for a sale worldwide.

Samsung has rolled out a total of 400,000 Galaxy Note FE units on home soil South Korea. A Samsung representative has claimed that Samsung has no plans to increase on its inventory for more units of the Note FE, despite the fact that it has been selling well in local outlets. However, sources say that the popular phone could head out of South Korea to be sold in other regions worldwide in late July.

The Note FE has been selling in local South Korean stores for 20 percent less than the Note 7 when it was launched last year. The phone sports a smaller battery and despite it being a year old, the Note FE is still very much selling fast with Blue Onyx and Blue Coral color models being the popular ones among the rest. Would you get the Galaxy Note FE if it were to be sold at a store near you?


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