Xiaomi is teasing us with a special announcement that they are going to have tomorrow and it looks like they are unveiling a new phone that comes with 6GB of RAM. News of this surfaced from the Weibo account for Xiaomi’s Store releasing an image which has “6GB = ?” on it.

This might not sound like a big deal, seeing as they already have phones announced and in the market that already have 6GB of RAM, but the fact that they are making a big deal about this shows that they have something hidden under their sleeves and are very excited to show it off.

The information I could translate from a video they released is that phone is going to come with a Snapdragon 800 series processor, UFS storage and a DDR4 RAM. It also has a 3D glass body, 4000mAh battery and 22MP camera that can record in 4K and has a smart beauty mode. There is also mentions of a full 4G Netcom, USB Type-C port, support for Quick Charge, IR blaster and NFC.

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The assumptions that are going around is that they are announcing an upgrade of the Mi 6, based on the fact that most of the specs mentioned are very similar to what is there in the Mi 6. Let’s see if the assumptions are right when they unveil the announcement tomorrow.


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