spotify driving mode

Spotify is testing out a driving mode on their app that will make you less distracted when you want to select or change music while you are driving. The mode is not seen on all phones as only selected users get to experience this new feature. The mode is enabled by tapping on the car icon at the bottom left of the Now Playing screen.

When enabling this feature, the next and previous buttons are enlarged and there is a microphone button in between, presumably for you to use voice command, which is a good feature to have especially if you don’t want to scroll around for the exact song you want to play while driving. The UI is also changed into a grid making it easier to spot the album you are looking for and it even announces what songs are being played, minimizing the distraction.

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Although this is still in testing, it would be a really good feature to have for people whose cars can’t interface with Spotify, making this the next best alternative. It is not known when this feature will be released to the public but let’s hope it comes to us soon.

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