It has been a while, but Android Nougat finally accounts for over 10 percent of all currently active Android devices, according to Google’s latest weekly Android distribution statistics. This comes more than a year after Nougat was unveiled last year, before it eventually released in August 2016.

Starting from the top of the table, Android Gingerbread still manages to make it to the statistics, accounting for 0.7% in terms of distribution. This still comes as a surprise as the OS was released a whopping 6 years ago back in 2010, which sounds almost like eternity in the world of technology. Its successor Ice Cream Sandwich managed the same 0.7% cut of the statistics as well.

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Jelly Bean accounts for 8.1%, with Kit Kat more than doubling it at 17.1%. Unsurprisingly, Android Lollipop and Marshmallow retain their places as the two most popular Android versions today, both taking up over 30% each, with the latter OS edging the former just by a hair’s reach.

Last but not least, Android Nougat has finally reached its milestone of surpassing 10 percent adoption by Android users at 11.5%. But as usual, Android fragmentation remains very much existent, considering that the official release of Android O is just around the corner, and that a 6 year old OS still remains active after so long.

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