You would think that Sony has revealed all their cards during their conference at E3 2017, but recently they posted an image on their Asian Facebook page with nothing by just a date 5.8.17. Nothing is known about this posting or the purpose of it, but I hope that they are improving the experience for Malaysians on the PlayStation environment, something we truly need.

I hope this is an improvement on the Malaysian PlayStation Store which is a big let down as there are so many games on the US store that are not available on the Malaysian store, even when those games are also available on Steam with local pricing, forcing us to create American accounts and purchasing games in USD. Another assumption is the release of PlayStation Now locally, which is Sony’s streaming service to play PS3 games on your PC or PS4, but there is the issue with the generally slow Internet we have in Malaysia.

My honest opinion, Sony did not do well during E3 2017 and I was disappointed about that, as a person who is a Master Race follower for my whole life, getting a PS4 has been a slight hit-and-miss for me. I really hope that this might bring something big to the platform.

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