The HUAWEI P10 might be an expensive phone, so it’s no doubt that we will look for a deal on the phone that is worth the price point it comes with therefore, Maxis and HUAWEI have teamed up to offer an amazing bundle promo. Starting today, you can own the HUAWEI P10 or HUAWEI Mate 9 from as low as RM78, the best part, it comes bundled with the all-new HUAWEI Watch 2.

The RM78 a month offer will get you a HUAWEI Watch 2 and a P10 or top it up to RM133 a month and get yourself a HUAWEI Watch 2 and Mate 9 combo. All these bundles will come with a free two-month MaxisONE Share line. Introduced during the Mobile World Congress this year, The HUAWEI Watch 2 will offer a sporty look and feel perfect for casual athletes which comes with all the health and fitness apps that they would need. Whether you are using it for sports or just casual wear, it is the perfect companion made better with support for a SIM card for calls and messaging, it also comes with a 7-hour battery life, 4GB of storage and IP68 water and dust resistance.

If you are looking to take advantage of this promotion from Maxis, check our their website for more details for their bundles here.