Every two weeks in a year, the Steam Summer Sales will come about and provide very attractive prices that you would think, is possible to buy every game on sale. Games can be seen with prices ranging from RM5 – RM30 and that’s just the start, some triple A games might go for less than RM100, which sounds attractive if you are a gamer like me. So, in conjunction with the Summer Sale and probably the Raya money that you plan to put to good use, let’s look at the games that is worth the price and the quality its offering.


DOOM is an action packed first person shooter that has brought the game back to its roots, where you are always on the edge at any gun fight, whether it’s against the small minions of hell or fighting the Cyberdemon in an arena.

Standing still means death. This game not only is the best shooter experience, it is also accompanied by an awesome sound track that sets the mood perfectly, blending in eerie horror sounding instruments with heavy metal guitar and drums, giving you the drive to tear apart demons (literally) and shoot them back to hell. Currently, the game is going for RM60 with the original price being RM118.50

Hyper Light Drifter

I am a sucker for pixel art games because of the amount of detail that needs to go in to make a pixel art game standout, and Hyper Light Drifter has taken this to the next level where the art, is simply put, gorgeous, giving it an atmosphere that really immerses you, but don’t get fooled by the art because this can be considered the pixel version of Dark Souls where every hit taken really hurts.

The game will test your wits and then your skill because every encounter will require you to carefully plan your movements and position, arming you with only one melee and range weapon. The story is very abstract and takes careful attention to understand what is happening, but if you are willing to give this game a try and fight through the frustration, then this game is very worth it. Currently, Hyper Light Drifter retails for only RM19 where the full price is RM38.


If you are looking for a game that has an amazing story which you can finish in just under 6 hours, then Oxenfree will do you good. This game is about a group of teenagers that takes a vacation on an island which has a cave that emits a strange sound which can only be heard on a radio if you tune into the correct frequency. The game does not have combat and is mainly based on your decision making, where choosing certain dialogue will alter the story later. A warning to those of you that want to try this game, it is very physiological game and you might have to read forum posts that discuss the game, but when you reach the end of the game, it will stick to you for a few days.

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The experience you get from this game is different and I really recommend you play this in your life time. If you like the TV series Stranger Things, then get this game, as it retails for only RM9.50 where the original price is RM38. 

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3, probably the best RPG game ever created, this might be a bold statement but up till now, I have not found a game that I have stuck to and what I mean by that is, I have been playing this game for 2 years now and I am still not done with it. You play as a Witcher, whose job is cleaning up the world of monsters but there is a bigger evil in the horizon and who else better to slay this evil but you. This game is gem that will shine far into the future and would be a waste if you have not at lease tried the game.

It is required for you to play the first and second game to fully understand the third game, which I really recommend you try the previous games, but if the aged graphics of the previous games does not tickle your fancy, then just head over to YouTube and watch videos explaining the story of the previous games. The DLC is also the best value I have ever seen in games adding more than 30 hours of extra gameplay, heck, releasing the DLC as a full game is justifiable. I suggest getting the Game of the Year edition  as it comes with all the paid DLC, it will retail for RM64.50 with the original price being RM129.


If you are looking for twist on tactics games, then Transistor is the game for you. Set in the future, you play as a singer who has lost her voice and only companion comes as a sword that can speak to you. The game is focused on positioning yourself well and attacking enemies at the right moments. Words are hard to describe this game but be prepared to go through a roller coaster of emotions from being in awe to heart breaking and this is made more impactful with the gorgeous art and the beautiful sounding music that was composed specially to fit the game’s setting.

I urge you, do not miss out on this experience because regret is far worse than burning the RM5.70 price tag that comes with this game.

The sale will end on the 5th of July, although this is not the best summer sale I have seen, with previous years offering a much better selection of games and events to take part, it is still offering a decent amount of games that you can sink your time (and Raya money) into. What do you think of these games, have a list of your own? Let’s discuss below.