WhatsApp plays a very key part in the expansion of the smartphone social world. It is indeed one of the pioneers when it comes to messaging apps. The app is running for more than 7 years now since it kicked off in 2009. As much as older operating systems and platforms are growing obsolete, the folks at WhatsApp are making sure that app support lasts as long as possible.

WhatsApp has been updating the app support for multiple platforms over time, and it has once again announced the end of support for a couple more ancient operating systems.

Support for Nokia Symbian S60 will stop after this month. BBOS and BlackBerry 10’s support will only go on till December 31st this year. Android Gingerbread 2.3.7, although barely on Android devices nowadays, will still receive support till early 2020. The Nokia S40 platform was previously supported till “the end of 2016”, but has since been extended till 2018.

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Looks like WhatsApp is still putting effort into making sure older devices get support for the app even if those operating systems are rarely used. Do you happen to be running WhatsApp on a Symbian device?


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