Some of you might have already wiped your memory of the Google Glass or have one but stored in the deepest and darkest parts of your home, well time to find them and dust them off because it finally got its first update in almost three years. It now has a MyGlass companion app update, bug fixes and now supports Bluetooth. The update came out just a few days ago and the firmware update followed with.

Google Glass was Google’s attempt at creating a mini computer that you can wear and at the start, showed some real promise on how it can augment and improve our lives, sadly after it launched it was very underwhelming, as it was really limited and had nothing much to offer. Those that bought it waited patiently for new add-ons and update to the software, but Google never responded and seem to have let it die. Currently, the Google Glass is not available to be purchased and Google has also shut down the website back in  2015.

Google Glass gets its first update in almost three years 2So where is the future of this wearable going? It is really unsure, as this update feels like it’s just a feeble attempt to let its consumers know that it has not been forgotten as they might still do something about it.

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