There are countless phones full of unwanted and unnecessary gimmicks today. The Russian YotaPhone isn’t one of those by any means, but it certainly is an example of a good concept of a smartphone which was poorly executed at best.

When the YotaPhone was announced back in 2013, it undoubtedly caused some waves in the smartphone industry. The phone came with two displays – one on the front and the other on the back. The secondary screen is an E-Ink display, which was made to preserve the overall battery life without having to toggle on the primary display. The YotaPhone 2 carried the same technology as well, being a refined version of its predecessor. But neither managed to nail the smartphone market. For instance, the YotaPhone 2 has devalued to a point where you’ll be able to purchase it on local online stores as low as RM649.

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Regardless, the company behind the YotaPhone will be soldiering forward, with the YotaPhone 3 slated to be unveiled later this year. According to Liliputing, the YotaPhone 3 is tipped to ship to China this coming September beginning $350 (RM1,496.78). The phone will retain the same color display and E-Ink display concept. It will also be available in two storage variants – 64GB and 128GB.

Time will tell whether or not the YotaPhone 3 will be available outside the limited select markets like its predecessors. Are/were you an owner of the YotaPhone?