LG marked its triumph again with the G6 earlier this year, a worthy improvement over the less successful G5 launched in 2016. LG ditched its modular attempt with the G5 when it unveiled the G6 at Mobile World Congress 2017. The G6 also comes with water and dust resistance, further bouncing back from the flop of the G5.

One slight disappointment with the LG G6 though is that it does not feature the latest high end Snapdragon 835 processor unlike most of its current competitors. LG has now launched a Plus variant of the G6, which unfortunately isn’t very much different than the standard G6.

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For starters, the LG G6 Plus is of the same size as the G6, which means that it sports the same 5.7-inch QHD+ display. Sadly enough, the G6 Plus still rocks the same old Snapdragon 821 chipset underneath the hood. RAM has been increased to 6GB, with double the storage at 128GB.

The G6 Plus also has 32-bit Quad DAC audio technology, and will come bundled together with premium headphones by B&O Play. No specific date has been revealed for the release of the phone, but it will come in three new colors –¬†Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold.