If you find that looking for the right components for your setup is tedious and hard work, well BIOSTAR has just solved half of your problem by introducing a chip-on-board solution that provides you a motherboard with a pre-installed processor for your convenience, providing you a home-entertainment or office PC that is low-powered and has a small footprint while keeping the excellent performance with the introduction of the BIOSTAR A68N-5600.

a68n-5600 topThe motherboard features a built-in AMD A10-4655M quad-core processor capable of clocks speed up to 2.8GHz and a base clock of 2GHz. The motherboard also supports DDR3-1333MHz memory for up to 32GB of RAM and comes in a compact mini-ITX form factor. The company has also made the effort to fit the motherboard with the latest needs by support HD Audio for music and movie consumption and supports DirectX11.1 for 3D applications.

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On the back, there is a PS/2 connector for legacy support, two USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, 1Gbps LAN port, HDMI, and VGA ports supporting up to 1920×1200 resolution and multichannel audio that supports 7.1 channels for surround sound entertainment

The BIOSTAR A68N-5600 will retail for $64.99. For more information on this product and other BIOSTAR products, visit the official product page here.