Popular music streaming app Spotify has now hit a record 140 million monthly active users on its platform. This milestone comes one year after Spotify reached 100 million active users in June 2016.

Although a total of 140 million users are actively streaming music from Spotify, it is worth noting that the service’s subscriber base sits at 50 million as of March 2017. According to these recent statistics, the number of users on Spotify’s free ad supported tier nearly doubles the amount of Spotify Premium subscribers. The free ad supported tier of Spotify only allows users a limited number of song skips, picking songs and the occasional appearance of ads after songs.

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Brian Benedik, Spotify’s Vice President and Global Head of Sales at Spotify has also reported a very healthy 50 percent year on year growth in their ad revenue business. The music streaming service now hosts a massive library of 30 million songs and more than 2 billion playlists.

Spotify’s success saw the return of pop artist Taylor Swift to making her music available for streaming again, given that Spotify is now more lucrative for its artists. The service is currently available in 60 countries worldwide.