Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has recently launched its latest flagship – the U11. Although the company has been struggling to bounce back from its losses for years now, it looks like the sales figures of the HTC U11 might mark a wind of change.

According to Focus Taiwan, the HTC U11 has been performing well in terms of sales since it was launched just last month. HTC’s President of smartphone and connected device division Chang Chia Lin has stated that the U11 has already sold better than its predecessors the HTC 10 and HTC One M9.

This is definitely good news for HTC, given that the U11 surpassed its predecessors within a month of its debut. Chang has also claimed that HTC might be reducing the number of smartphone models it launches in a year to either three or four, in order to minimize and cope with its operating costs.

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In related news, HTC has been thriving in the VR industry. The HTC Vive is probably the reason why the company is currently surviving. The success of the Vive and the growing popularity of the HTC U11 are part of HTC’s hopes and efforts to put its losses to an end.