Think Canon’s EOS 5D Mark IV is fast and light enough already? You should turn your eyes on the Sony Alpha A9, which Sony Malaysia has officially launched this morning and have us try out its beast of performance. The Alpha A9 has got the world’s first full frame stacked CMOS sensor at 24.2-megapixels, it features a 693 point focal plane phase detection AF points with a staggering 60 AF/AE tracking calculations per second, continuous shooting up to 20 fps and a maximum shutter speed of up to 1/32000 second, which in laymen terms, it means this camera can capture focused subjects at blazing fast speeds. Photographers will also be glad to know that the A9 is capable of shooting uncompressed 14-bit RAW, which allows them to get the most out of the wide dynamic range of the sensor.

Performance is merely the tip of the iceberg for the Alpha A9, as the body features a vibration free, fully electronic, completely silent anti-distortion shutter, allowing photographers to capture subjects without being distracted by the noisy mechanical shutter, the 5-axis image stabilization system is also present. The Alpha A9 uses a new Z battery that has approximately 2.2x more capacity than the A7’s W batteries, it has dual SD card slots, an Ethernet port for direct uploads using FTP, making it an extremely robust camera for photography studios.

The Sony Alpha A9’s body feels pretty much like the A7, there’s now an additional dial on the left that lets you change its drive mode and focus type, which actually helps save a lot of effort navigating around the menus, you also get to have four custom buttons for accessing your favorite features, and best of all the video recording button is no longer positioned at the awkward side of the body.

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When it comes to video recording capabilities, the Alpha A9 is capable of recording 4K videos, and it uses full pixel readout without pixel binning to collect 6K of information, then oversampling it to produce detailed 4K footage. In addition, the A9 can record Full HD at 120 fps at up to 100 Mbps bit rate, which can be used to be edited into 4x or 5x slow motion video files. ISO range is pretty standard with a range of 100 – 51200 and is expandable up to a range of 50 – 2048000.

The Sony Alpha A9 is now available for purchase in Malaysia, and Sony Malaysia is also introducing new full frame E-mount lenses, prices are listed as below:

Alpha A9 (body only) – RM21,799
Super-telephoto Zoom Lens (SEL100400) – RM12,699
Premium Wide Angle Zoom Lens (SEL1635GM) – RM10,899
Compact Wide Angle Lens (SEL1224GM) – RM7,899

Check out some of the samples down below taken with the Sony Alpha A9, all photos are unedited.

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