Sony has announced an interesting way for us to interact with games and it comes in the form of PlayLink, where players will need to use their smartphones to play certain games. Five titles have been announced that will support this feature SingStar Celebration, Knowledge is Power, Frantics, and Hidden Agenda. Not much is known about the games except Hidden Agenda, which comes from the makers of Until Dawn, an interactive story game where your decisions will determine the fate of the game characters.

In Hidden Agenda, players will get information sent to their phones and how they want to use that information is entirely up to them. This is not a new concept as there are games out there such as Eon Altar that allows you to make decisions, move and fight all through your smartphone without touching the keyboard at all. Sony mentions that PlayLink’s main objective is to get more people into gaming and the developers of Hidden Agenda said that this method will make their title more accessible.

Sony has not mentioned anything on the release date of these games or what devices are compatible, but more news will surely surface days and weeks after E3 and we hope information about PlayLink too.

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