Taking a trip down memory lane to the time of the Xbox and Xbox Live consoles and the controller that was so huge it did not fit well with majority of the people that bought it, not to mention we Asians are pretty small in size, so actually holding it for long session of gaming is not really ideal but I liked it, mainly because my hand is huge that the PS2 controller was a challenge to hold, but when trying out the Xbox controllers I realized that it was actually pretty comfortable.

Those of you that can relate, rejoice, as accessory maker Hyperkin is partnering with Microsoft to bring back the controller for the Xbox One and Windows 10. There is going to be slight modifications done to the controller such as a logo display screen, left and right bumpers and a 9-feet detachable cable, a perfect time to release the controller as Microsoft also announced that they are adding backward compatibility of the old Xbox games to Xbox One.

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So far there are no details on the price or the release date, we might need to wait for word from Microsoft of Hyperkin but I honestly hope that they do something with the display screen on the controllers as it could add a bit more interactivity if the game information would appear on the screen rather than just the logo.