The hyped new console from Microsoft finally has a name and even though the company copyrighted the ‘S’ symbol, which we assumed had something to do with the name of the new console, they announced the official name of the console during their E3 press conference and it is called the Xbox One X.

The console is fairly similar on how it works as the Xbox One but comes with 4K HDR output and has a Dolby Atmos surround sound onboard, it is also fairly small when compared to the original Xbox One but is the most powerful console coming to the market. Design wise it is a simple looking device which looks very similar to the developer version of the console. There is an Xbox logo on the from with a USB port on the bottom of the logo and next to it is the controller pairing button. On the other side, there is an eject button, disk slot, and an IR receiver. On the back there are two USB ports, an HDMI in and out, optical audio port, IR port, Ethernet and power cable port.On release, the console will support 42 games that have been updated and enhanced to make use of the shear power the console can output with more games and exclusives coming soon as well as support for legacy Xbox 360 games.