Are you tired of your wireless mouse becoming a wired mouse everytime it runs out of battery? Even worst when you have to run to the Kedai Runcit to buy batteries to power your wireless mouse. Well, Logitech is taking it to the next level by introducing a mouse mat that doubles as a wireless charger called the Powerplay.

The wireless charging is proprietary to Logitech simply because the Qi standard does not suit what the company wants, as it is not able to cover the entire surface of the mouse pad, but the Powerplay will be able to charge the mouse where ever it is on the surface of the mouse mat and even when the mouse is being moved. All that is needed is a Powercore module connected to a Powerplay compatible mouse and the Powerplay mouse mat itself and you are good to go. It is definitely a step forward in gaming and power management for your wireless devices but how well it charges your mouse is still unknown.

The Powerplay mouse mat will retail for $99.99 and will release in August, alongside that, Logitech has also introduced two mice that will be compatible with the mousepad, the G903, and G703 which will retail for $149.99 and $99.99 respectively and will go on sale later this month.


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