When you’re a CEO of a company, pretty much all of the power available is vested in you. That’s what OnePlus CEO Pete Lau did right before the Chinese manufacturer announced the official launch date of the OnePlus 5. Once again, Lau fueled OnePlus fans’ desires, two weeks before the launching of the company’s next flagship with a night shot camera sample.

The above image was said to be taken on the OnePlus 5 by Lau, which shows a group of buildings (probably standard flats) under a rather low light condition. Based on the camera sample, Lau seems to have taken the picture right before nightfall. It is easy to conclude that the phone’s dual camera setup performed impressively in this photo, considering the fact that the noise level is kept minimal. Moreover, the edges and lines of the buildings don’t seem to be distorted, appearing to be sharp and well shaped instead. This tells us that the dual camera configuration of the OnePlus 5 manages to absorb a ton of light even under a poor lit environment as seen above.

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OnePlus has recently set the launch date of its upcoming flagship on June 20. The handset is also reported to have an 8GB RAM variant to be sold in India on the 22nd after the launch.

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