Digi has been a really active player when it comes to the Internet of Things, the telecommunications company has announced today that it is investing RM9.5 billion into the IoT space with Connected Vehicles strategy, which the company believe that will benefit both business and consumers in years to come. In this case, the company has rolled out iFleet, a solution that will enable connectivity in vehicles of all class and benefits both businesses and drivers.

iFleet isn’t just a great leap forward for the company, as the solution intends to help customers track their fleet of vehicles and drivers on the road by delivering real-time analytics, which customers are able to take necessary action should any incidents occur. Furthermore, iFleet is in fact a total solution that comprises of hardware, software and connectivity, which Digi has priced it competitively at RM90 monthly per vehicle installed, the company will offer installation, maintenance and lifetime support for the hardware installed in the vehicle, there’s also no need to tamper with wiring as the hardware is powered by the vehicle’s battery.

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In addition to its tracking solution, iFleet also aims to disrupt the motor insurance industry by offering its usage-based insurance (UBI) solution, which translates valuable data into actionable insights, such as the score of driving behavior, to allow Insurers to price their motor insurance premiums more accurately. For instance, an insured vehicle owner could pay a much lesser premium despite of its vehicle value due to good track record of safe driving, which is somehow more attractive on top of the usual No Claims Bonus (NCB). UBI is ready to be deployed when insurance tariffs are liberalized on July 2017, a call by the national bank of Malaysia.

For a limited time, Digi Enterprise customers will be able to enjoy a discounted rate of RM75/month per vehicle when they sign up for its iFleet solution, Digi is already piloting the solution with a few companies, which includes Peugeot, Perodua, Citilink Express and Gamuda. For those who are interested in the solution, you can always head over to iFleet’s website to find out more.