Malaysia has officially become the only country outside Japan to introduce Honda’s new advance Sport Hybrid i-DCD system with the launch of the New Jazz and is the only Sport Hybrid in Malaysia that is priced below RM90,000. Managing Director and CEO of Honda Malaysia, Katsuto Hayashi said that the reason why they launched this car in Malaysia is because of the government’s aspiration to promote Energy Efficient Vehicles and they are also the first company to introduce hybrid technology in Malaysia back in 2004 and the first manufacturer to produce hybrid cars locally in 2012.

The New Jazz Hybrid will come equipped with a new 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC engine combining 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) with Integrated High Power Motor to provide better acceleration for a sportier driving experience. The hybrid system is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery with 1.5 times the energy capacity and 50% more powerful compared to its predecessor. With the Sport Mode activated, the Sport Hybrid i-DCD provides a maximum combined output of the engine and electric motor at a horsepower of up to 137PS, making it equal to a 1.8L engine and the fuel efficiency is recorded at 4.0L/100KM, the car is also able to drive using the electric engine only.

The car will be available in one variant and offers some enhancements unique to the Hybrid model such as Shift by Wire Gear for smoother and faster gear change, 3D Speed Meter Design which displays information such as Energy Flow, Sport Meter, Fuel Economy, Drive Info, Customization and Eco Display at the driver’s line of sight, as well as a Cruise Control for better driving experience.

The New Jazz Petrol was also shown and will come powered by a 1.5L i-VTEC engine coupled with Continous Variable Transmission, this model will come in 3 variants, the S, E, and V variant. The new Chrome Front Grille, New Front and Rear Bumper Design, ECON button, Push Start Button and Smart Entry will be available to all variants and LED Daytime Running Lights and Reverse Camera will be available to only the E and V variants. The V variant will be offered with Paddle Shift, Cruise Control, Half-Leather seats and the E variant will receive an upgrade to Touch Panel Auto Air-Conditioning. Both E and V variant will carry the new 6.8-inch Display Audio.

The New Jazz Petrol will come in 5 colours, Modern Steel Metallic, Lunar Sliver Metallic, Carnival Red, Taffeta White and Crystal Black Pearl where else the New Jazz Hybrid will come in Lunar Sliver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic, and White Orchid Pearl. The hybrid model will retail for RM87,500 and the New Jazz Petrol will retail for RM74,800 for the S, RM81,000 for the E and RM88,400 for the V variant. Warranty for both the hybrid and petrol models will be 5 years with unlimited mileage at 10,000KM service intervals at any 91 authorized Honda dealers nationwide and the New Jazz Hybrid’s Lithium-Ion battery will come with a 8 years warranty.

For more information on these cars and other Honda vehicles, visit the nearest authorized dealers or call Honda’s Toll-Free number at 1800-88-2020 or visit their official website here.