Fitness is important to us regardless of age and Garmin knows this, with that they have released 3 new watches that caters to different age ranges and skill level, the Vivosmart 3 targeted at everyday active users, Vivofit Jr., a daily activity tracker made exclusively for kids, and the Forerunner 935, a performance running watch geared towards making users better athletes.

The Vivosmart 3 offers users statistical insights on their fitness level as well as fitness age, this gives an inside on length of life so the user can work towards a goal on either measurement. The device also features rep counting capability available in the Strength Training activity tool, which keeps tracks of reps, sets, and even resting times during exercises. In addition to that, it can also track steps, heart rate, calories, distance, and sleep, it can also measure activity intensity which is measured against goals recommended by leading health organizations. Garmin Move IQ automatically starts recording recognized activities like walking, running, biking, swimming, and elliptical training without manual input.

The Vivosmart Jr. is similar to the Vivosmart and also comes with step and sleep tracking but the Jr. comes with a free parent-controlled mobile app where parents can assign responsibilities and agreed-upon rewards for completed tasks. Parents can get their kids to complete a 60-minute daily play goal which in turn, will unlock fun facts on the app’s adventure trail motivating them to keep reaching their goal. By assigning tasks and completing them, kids can earn coins which can be redeemed for agreed-upon rewards. Parents can manage the tasks through their mobile device to set goals or even personalized chores and parents can even add a timer to show the deadline of a task.

Finally, is the Forerunner 935 which includes a training feature that allows users to fine-tune exercise and recovery to be a better athlete. With technology provided by Firstbeat, it is easier for users to monitor performance and prepare for a race or training and paired with the Running Dynamics Pod, users will be able to see all six running dynamics without the need of a chest strap. The Forerunner 935 can be automatically linked to Garmin Connect via compatible smarts and has a 21 hours battery life in GPS mode, 44 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode and two weeks in watch mode.

The Vivosmart 3 is available in black and purple at RM699, the Vivofit Jr. comes in Broken Lava, Digi Camo and Real Flower band patterns which will retail for Rm399 and the Forerunner 935 is available in black and yellow for RM2,449 and is compatible with Garmin QuickFit bands in leather, silicone, or metal. For more information on these products check out their website here.


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