It has been nearly 5 months since ASUS unveiled the first ever Daydream and Tango compatible smartphone. It was at CES 2017 where the company launched the ZenFone AR, making quite the waves in the convention earlier this year. But the wow factor has since died down as the pricing and availability of the futuristic smartphone hasn’t been talked about.

A little over a week ago, Google has indicated that the ZenFone AR will go on sale some time this summer, without a specific date. The announcement at I/O 2017 sparked some form of interest again and we finally have more news regarding the phone.

During a media event earlier today, ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has revealed that the ASUS ZenFone AR will be launched in mid June, which is about two weeks away. The availability of the phone will however be limited to the home land of ASUS, Taiwan. According to Shen, the ZenFone AR will then roll out to the US market by the end of June and early July.

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Unfortunately, the price of the ZenFone AR has once again yet to be revealed by ASUS. It is however, good to know that the phone will finally be making an appearance before being labeled as an ASUS flop. Regardless, the ASUS ZenFone AR will be a tough one to get your hands on when it launches.


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