Capcom has just announced that the new installment in the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter XX, will release on the 3DS and now on the Switch. News of this was found on the company’s Japanese website but no other information was mentioned, however the game’s championships will start this weekend with hopes that more information about the game and on the Switch release will be unveiled.

Monster Hunter XX is the expansion on the previous game, Monster Hunter Generation that was only announced on the 3DS and released the English version eight months after the Japanese version. Capcom has not announced the release date of the game and has not mention if there will be an English version, but an English version is usually released after the Japanese version and it would just be a matter of time before we hear the news.

With the Switch still growing in games and with Monster Hunter series being exclusive to the 3DS, would this be the transition of the 3DS to the Switch, as it would seem that Nintendo might be phasing out the 3DS by releasing exclusive 3DS games on the Switch, which is a more attractive device, being a hybrid console.

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