Google has just released a very interesting collaboration device for big and small enterprises called the Jamboard. Essentially, its a 55-inch smart white board that has Internet connection and will utilize G Suite to give you a wide variety of applications and allowing for even more collaborative options.

Google has made a fun smartboard for businesses 1One of the biggest feature of this board is the writing that can be done on the board, using a stylus that comes with the board you can write notes, draw shapes and even highlight text. In addition to that, anything drawn or written on the board can be zoomed in and magnified by pinching it. It also comes with a web browser which you can crop out the pages and throw them on the board to display and share with another person through a conference call, as the board also has a front facing camera. There is also a companion app for the board that does the same features making it a mini Jamboard, it can also act as a remote for the main board and is available for both Android and iOS.

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Google has made a fun smartboard for businesses 2Google has announced that there will be other third party apps for the board aside from G Suite and will retail for $5,000 and additional $600 annual maintenance fee. It will come with two stylus and a eraser that doubles as a screen cleaner. The Jamboard is currently available in US with a UK and Canada launch in summer, there is still no word on a worldwide launch but we will be sure to update you when more information comes in.


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