U Mobile has announce today that they will be bringing 4.5G to Malaysia starting with Johor Bahru, giving users the chance to experience speeds up to two times of what 4G is offering to supported devices like the Huawei P10 Plus. Wong Heang Tuck, CEO of U Mobile stated that with the release of this service, users can experience streaming, downloading and browsing better and at a much faster speed.

He also mention that the company will make a huge investment to upgrade their network to 4.5G this year, which most of it will be put into the rollout of the additional spectrum, with the 1800MHz was made available recently and the 900MHz will be available on 1 July 2017 Customers should expect a dramatic difference in their mobile experience this year.

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The service has already been active in Johor Bahru with a rollout other major areas in Malaysia such as Ipoh, Penang and Klang Valley coming soon.