Apple Music requires a subscription fee, but some users from various regions have reported Apple charging for trials for its music streaming service. According to Apple Insider, Apple has begun charging small fees for Apple Music for countries such as Australia, Spain and Switzerland.

Users in countries involved must now pay 99 cents in order to begin Apple Music’s trial session. By contrast, Spotify still offers free trials for its music service, and has a “freemium” version of the service which is limited and driven by ads compared to the premium paid version.

Apple Insider claims that it is possible that Apple is trying to make up for the costs of its trials (or free trials), but the we can’t be certain for sure. The Cupertino giant has issued a statement to popular tech news outlet The Verge in the light of this recent report:

“Pricing and promotions for Apple Music vary from country to country.”

While the email statement did not say much, it might hint at Apple’s plans to begin charging for Apple Music trials in more countries soon.

Paid trials might sound like a deal breaker for first time users, but Apple’s loyal user base might prove us otherwise. What are your thoughts on paid trials?

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