Super Mario made it to Android and iOS devices, and the next Nintendo game you are going to find it in app stores is The Legend of Zelda. Nope, don’t expect that you can play the most popular Nintendo Switch title on your smartphone, however this report from WSJ confirms that Nintendo will be bringing the franchise of The Legend of Zelda to smartphones, there has been no mention of what game model that the company will bring, but you can safely assume that the game could use an in-app purchase model like many other console ported games.

The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild has been tremendously successful with the unveiling of the Switch, the game is also reported to be sold more than the console itself.┬áNintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima quoted that the company plans to release two to three new smartphone games in the financial year ending March 2018, and Zelda is expected to be released after the upcoming mobile version of Animal Crossing happening this year. This is going to be really exciting for fans of the Legend of Zelda, and let’s hope it isn’t going to be another Pokemon Go or Super Mario Run game, because such game modes aren’t going to last.


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