U Mobile isn’t really a secret keeper when it comes to unveiling its offers, the Roam-Onz international data roaming service is now official, you still get to data roam at the current 12 popular destinations (Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand) without incurring additional charges, however you now get to have a separate data quota while roaming aboard, so that you won’t need to be worried about using up your precious base quota when you find yourselves uploading too many selfies or videos.

U Mobile's introduces Roam-Onz with dedicated roaming quota to 12 countries 2

Similar to Data Backpack, Roam-Onz is available for postpaid customers who are on the telco’s higher monthly commitment plan and you will be offered with either 5GB or 8GB of Roam-Onz quota depending on rate plan, best of all Roam-Onz is no longer a limited period promotion, hence if you frequently travel to the 12 destinations, this is still a very attractive roaming service, and you’ll be glad that 4G LTE roaming is finally supported in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand.

As for customers who aren’t on U Mobile’s higher commitment plans, you still get to enjoy U Data Roam at the said 12 countries for RM10/day till 31 December 2017. U Mobile has also added data roaming support in Germany, Greece, Myanmar and Portugal for RM36/day, and it is good to note that roaming in these countries will use up your base data quota even if you are on the Roam-Onz supported plans. To use U Mobile’s Roam-Onz, make sure you are connected to the telco’s preferred roaming partner, then activate Data Roaming on your smartphone.

For more information about U Mobile’s Roam-Onz, head on over to u.com.my/roam-onz

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