Google has released a new update for their navigation app, Maps, which in the form of a small design update but makes a substantial change when using the navigation to get to where we want. The app will now show you a street view preview showing you the roads that you need to turn into and tapping the image will open Street View, showing you an arrow in the direction of the turn.

This minor change can really help people that are bad or unsure about directions or confusing street turnings, but the Street View images that pop up are in the form of a thumbnail and might not be easy to see when you are driving, you would still need to tap on the image to view more information on it. Android Police also pointed out that the bottom navigation bar has been changed, being more explicit about what tapping certain things will do.

The feature is currently on Android new but seeing as how the app on the iOS is designed the same, it is just a matter of time before iOS will be getting this update.

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