Recent leaks have surfaced on two new products from Fitbit and it comes in the form of a smartwatch and wireless headphones. Codenamed ‘Project Higgs,” this is Fitbit’s proper attempt at a smartwatch, unlike last year’s Blaze which was just a fitness tracker that looked like a watch. The smartwatch’s design also looks more refine compared to the Blaze with a traditional square face, metal unibody case, opposing to the octagonal design of the Blaze.

The new smartwatch will feature built-in GPS, heart-rate monitoring and a display with 1,000 nits of brightness, it also can make wireless payments, play music from Pandora and have around four days of battery. On the software side, it is a bit of a let down as Fitbit has decided to stick to their own software instead of joining the Android Wear line and because of that, we should not expect to see an app store anytime soon but the device will come with a few pre-installed apps.

Fitbit is also trying its hand at the headphone market with the release of Codename “Parkside” which will hang around your neck and have a metallic finish. So far there is no information on the wireless headphones but seeing as Fitbit is a fitness company, it will be interesting to know what is the selling point of these wireless headphones.

The smartwatch was scheduled to release this spring but due to production delays, we will only see it later this year in fall. Higgs will have a retail price of $300 (RM1298.25) and Parkside will be $150 (RM649.13) releasing the same time as Higgs. As usual, all of these are still rumours but stay tuned as we will keep an eye on these two products.

Source: Engadget


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