BIOSTAR is back yet again with the release of their new G330 series SSD, which BIOSTAR claims to perform 10% faster than its predecessor the G300. the G330 will utilise Micron 3D TLC DRAM cache and will come with storage space up to 512GB. The company is targeting modders and power users looking to upgrade their system for better response time and increased battery life on their mobile systems.

With having gamers in mind, BIOSTAR has developed this SSD to stand temperatures of up to 70 degrees celsius giving less worry to users that run hot gaming systems. The SSD comes with a patented non-screw housing design which can prevent damages from ESD and protect your data during maintenance, it also comes with a 3-year warranty to ensure full all-round protection. The SSD comes with a slim and premium design, measuring at only 6.8mm which will fit most PC or laptops maintaining your systems’ small form factor. In addition, the G330 comes with laser-precision, metallic, curved case with premium aluminium surface offering good cooling and great design to your system, BIOSTAR also boast read speeds up to 565MB/s and write speeds up to 515MB/s and thanks to the new generation SMI SM2258 controller and Micron 3D TLC, the G330 is capable of this performance at an affordable price.

BIOSTAR introduces the New G330 Series SSD for power users and modders 1

The G330 will come in 3 variants in a form of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB with a slight difference in read and write speeds shown below:

Price – $59 (RM255.28)
Read speed – 560MB/s
Write speed – 500Mb/s

Price – $99 (RM428.35)
Read speed – 565MB/s
Write speed – 515Mb/s

Price – $169 (RM731.23)
Read speed – 565MB/s
Write speed – 515Mb/s

For more information on the SSD and any other BIOSTAR products, check out their website here


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